Celebrate yourself and who you care for the most

We make our Jewelry the perfect gift thoughtfully personalized.


Memorable Jewelry made just for you

Because little acts of love can change your World!

We believe in your dreams. We know that there are moments that we wish could last forever. We believe in you, your beauty, and the real meaningful smile. True happiness comes being with your loved ones and friends. What better ways can you make your day shine? ✨ Why not today?

Hey, I’m Rode!

I opened Your Jou Jewerly because I loved creating memories with my family through moments that make us feel valuble. I shared our designs with my family and personalized my baby’s first bracelet with our product. She really loved it. Her smile melts my heart.

All our jewelry and designs are personalized for you. This makes it easy to feel like they are a part of you and your family.

From my Family to yours, thank you so much for supporting my small business.

Enjoy shopping in our store.

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Pictures of our last Event and MIYUKI factory in Tokyo-Japan

Tv Show Good Things Utah

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Rode McCune, CEO and owner of Your Jou Jewelry, joined us on the show to share her incredible handcrafted jewelry, meticulously created with Japanese Miyuki beads. As a small family business, Your Jou Jewelry is more than a brand; it’s a celebration of personal connections and heritage. Inspired by McCune’s Japanese ancestors from Okinawa, the Jou family, Your Jou Jewelry aims to make customers feel like cherished members of their own family.

Your Jou Jewelry features Miyuki beads and unique designs that can be personalized to honor the wearer’s connections. Viewers can get 10% off orders using the code SPRING24 until June 30, alongside free personalizations and shipping for Utah customers. Check out their collection at yourjoujewelry.com and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Etsy @yourjoujewelry.