Our Story

Hello! 👋

My name is Rode. I am the owner of this amazing store.

I am a mom of a beautiful baby girl 🌸. My husband supports me so much in this our business adventure.

I am an Engineer and a business entrepreneur. 

I enjoy outdoors activities, singing, traveling, cooking, and overall making memories with my family. 

Since I have been blessed to travel to Japan 🇯🇵 many times this year I fell in love with the culture, art, people, and Miyuki (much of what you’ll see here on our site).

The connection that I have made to this country is more than just that. It is mainly because of my Japanese ancestors, whom are from Okinawa, Japan. 


We chose to call the name of our company “Your Jou Jewelry” because of this ancestry and personal connection.

Jou is my Japanese ancestor’s last name. Our main product is Miyuki, which is a Japanese Crystal bead specifically found in Japan. We decided to use it in honor of them and also in honor of its beautiful shine, quality, and incomparable tones. We know that our designs will make you happy and make you feel closer to who you care for the most. 

Our products and designs are made thoughtfully for YOU!

 They are handmade and designed by Dione (my aunt, with an amazing artistic talent).

We love your support for us in advance. Thank you!